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One of the biggest challenges for every household and commercial establishment is saving money on energy bills. Not really! If you use the right appliances and products. You can save money and deck your spaces with cost-effective and energy-efficient appliances, and this is where Intellifan comes into the picture.

Intellifan is a brand of Greenland solutions. Established in 2015 in Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, Greenland Solutions has emerged as one of the leading players in DC & BLDC Fans.

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Some facts

When it comes to saving energy, most of us generally see big appliances like air conditioners, geysers or heaters as culprits for high electricity bill. What we fail to understand though is that the ceiling fans are one of the most used appliance which keeps running all through the day and even night—thus cumulatively consume more electricity than we assume it to be.


The typical induction-based fan would consume around 80 watts whereas a BLDC fan would just consume only 30 watts. So, assuming they run regularly for 18 hours for 280 days calculation would be:

for private

Solution for
Your Home

for commercial



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A Constant focus on technological innovations

Difference between normal and BLDC Fans

Fans info Wattage (Watts) Hourly Electricity Consumption (Units) Daily Electricity Consumption (Units) Yearly Electricity Consumption (Units) Yearly Costs (assuming Rs. 6 Per Units)
Regular Fan 80 Watts 0.080 units 1.44 units 403 units Rs.2418
BLDC 28 Watts 0.028 units 0.5 units 141 units Rs. 846
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