Best BLDC Ceiling Fan Manufacturer in India

Looking for the best BLDC ceiling fan manufacturer? Look no further! Our company stands out as the preferred provider in the market, offering economical BLDC ceiling fans with unrivaled performance, designs and energy efficiency. As a leading manufacturer, we take pride in our commitment to innovation and sustainability, ensuring that our products not only deliver superior airflow but also contribute to a greener environment.

Say goodbye to hefty energy bills. Now no need for outdated induction motor fans. Switch to the most energy-efficient motor fan with Intellifan (powered by Greenland Solutions).

We offer a special segment of energy-efficient fans that come fitted with an innovative BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motor. Our BLDC fans are designed with features that support energy savings, reduce bills, noiseless operation and remote control to conveniently operate your revolutionary fan.

Innovative BLDC Fan Technology

Ceiling fans with BLDC technology consume 60% less power in comparison to conventional technology-based fans without compromising the airflow quality. BLDC ceiling fan is the trendsetter as end-users also want options that are energy-efficient and quality performers. We have set the industry standard by supplying fans to the market fitted with BLDC technology to deliver efficiency and performance.

Best BLDC Ceiling Fan Manufacturer in India

Features of BLDC Ceiling Fan

  • Consumes only 28W of energy, almost 1/3rd of an induction motor fan
  • Noise-free operation
  • Smart Remote control
  • Adjustable airflow level
  • LED lamp
  • No heating: ensures longer motor life
  • Consistent output even with fluctuating input voltage

BLDC Fan- Designed to deliver highest efficiency

Intellifan fans are designed with high quality of electromechanical parts along with an advanced algorithm-based intelligent electronics program. The motor electromechanical with electronics hardware and software are tuned together to delivery highest efficiency with superior performance. Our proprietary intelligent drive has safety features to save the motor from over current, over voltage, heating and locking. This way, Intellifan BLDC fan offer longer service life.

Smart BLDC Fan for Smart Homes

Interior décor is another important aspect of choosing fans for homes or offices. We, at Intellifan, understand this concern and therefore offer fans that add on to aesthetics and comfort. We design BLDC fan in trending color to enhance the beauty of your room and with high quality coatings to make them dust and rust-proof.

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